About Us

As long as there have been memories, there have been ways to remember them. Some memories can be captured with photographs and movies, some with paintings and journals. However, some very precious memories can only be captured in a metal as precious as the memory itself, and worn close to the heart.

As part of one of the largest manufacturers of jewelry in the United States, HotMint was a natural transition for the team at Combine International Inc. They have been making millions of pieces of jewelry for retailers all around the United States for over 40 years. The Combine team got to thinking that jewelry was so personal that only the wearer or the giver would know what would capture their memory perfectly. HotMint was born with funding by our friends at CITG Capital, giving the power of design back to the consumer. Check out our Gallery to see what our friends have already been doing with us.

Thanks and happy designing!

The HotMint Team

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